Just a couple of dorks doing cool haircuts.


Haircut ~28~

Wanna look like George Clooney? We can take care of that. Ryan Gosling? Easy peasy. David Beckham? No problem.

*We are not responsible from the forehead down


Line Up ~5~

Those pesky cheek hairs growing back already? Come on in and we'll line up the beard, hairline, or back of the neck.


Buzz cut ~15~

A single clipper length all over. No frills, no fuss.

beard trim ~15~

(With Haircut ~10~)

Get those wild whiskers tamed. 


Head Shave ~30~

If you're looking to walk out with absolutely no head hair this is the one for you.


Long haircut ~40~

You got the locks and we just want your split ends. Jaw length or longer.


Or Call/Text (970) 690-1018

face shave ~30~

Things are heating up with some hot towels and the relaxing sense of danger having a straight razor on your face gives you.


Kids Cut ~20~

The kiddos in our lives need to look sharp too. 10 and under.



All clippers, no scissors. Some frills, less fuss. Tapered to your liking.

20180208_BARE BONES HAIRCUTS_08.jpg

This could be us...



We are a two person team to be reckonned with.


Marie Shank

Owner, Hairstylist and All Around Badass


Tyler Gravel

Everyone's Favorite Co-Worker, Barber and General Taste-Maker


 Or Call/Text: (970) 690-1018